Game Pieces:

Flick Fingerboards come with 25 pieces:

  • 10 White Discs
  • 10 Orange Discs
  • 1 Blue Disc
  • 4 Green Shooter Discs / Goons

Place the blue disc in the centre and alternate the orange and white discs around the outer ring. The goons are allocated one to each player.


Fingerboard can be played by 2 or 4 players:

2 Players: sit opposite your opponent

4 Players: sit opposite your team mate

Game Play:

  • Determine who starts (you can use your own criteria)
  • Only 1 goon (of the active player) must be on the table at any time. Once the player’s turn is up, the goon must be removed again.
  • The goon has a divot in the centre where you place your finger to flick the goon towards the other discs. The goon should be flicked (with your hand remaining static), not pushed or slid.
  • The first player breaks the ring by shooting the goon into the ring. The goon can be placed anywhere inside the half circle in front of the player (or touching the line of that half circle).
  • The colour of the disc you sink first will be your (or your team’s) disc colour.
  • Players take turns (clockwise)
  • If you sink one of your own colour discs, you get another turn.
  • If you sink your goon, remove 1 of your colour discs from any pocket and place it in the centre.
  • If you sink your opponent team’s colour disc, it is left and it benefits them and your turn is up.
  • If you sink the blue disc before all your colour discs are pocketed, remove 2 of your colour discs and the blue disc from the pocket and place it back in the centre.
  • If the final shot is taken on the blue disc and the goon is sunk with it, the game isn’t over. Remove 1 of your colour discs and the blue disc from the pocket and place it back in the centre.
  • When a disc is flicked off of the board, it is placed back into the centre. No penalty.
  • The first team to sink all their colour discs and the blue disc, wins the game.